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Show Custom Fields

WordPress ( General Use ) - These Tutorials can be used for any WordPress installation

Step #1

Log in to your WordPress dashboard

Step #2

Once logged in, select “Pages > All Pages” or “Posts > All Posts” from the left-hand side bar

Step #3

Press on Any Title Listed OR press the word “edit” beneath Any Title Listed. Either of these choices will put you into the Edit Mode for that particular Post or Page.

Step #4

At the top right of the Edit page, there is a link/button titled “Screen Options”. Press this link and the area above it will expand to reveal Multiple Checkboxes that determine What is Displayed on Your Screen for an Edit page.

Step #5

If not already checked, Check the Box titled “Custom Fields”. This will display any Custom Fields for the Page or Post in addition to the Add Custom Field form. You can now find the Custom Fields section below the main body of any Edit page!

That’s right – eventhough you are setting this up through a particular Page or Post, Custom Fields are now available on ALL of your Pages and Posts.

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