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Create a Post or Page

WordPress ( General Use ) - These Tutorials can be used for any WordPress installation

~ Creating a Post ~

Step #1

Log in to your WordPress dashboard

Step #2

Once logged in, select “Post > All Posts” from the left-hand side bar

Step #3

Press on “Add New” at the top of the browser OR Press on “Add New” from the top of the browser and select “Post” from the drop-down OR click on “Add New” from the left-hand side under “Posts”

Step #4

On the New Post page enter the Title of your Post into the top line

Step #5

Now enter the Body of your Post into the Large Middle area beneath the “Upload/Insert” line

Step #6

On the right-hand side of the New Post page at the bottom of the “Publish” area, press the “Publish” button

~ Creating a Post ~

Repeat all of the same steps above, but in Step #2 select “Pages > All Pages” from the left-hand bar

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