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Changing the Date & Time for a Page or Post

WordPress ( General Use ) - These Tutorials can be used for any WordPress installation

Step #1

Create a Page or Post OR Edit a Page or Post

Step #2

Before pressing the “Publish” button, please note that on the right-hand side of your Edit Post or New Post page you will see either “Publish immediately” or “Published on (some date)”. Click on the “edit” link next to this text. This will allow you to put in a Specific Date and Time for the Post or Page.

Step #3

Press the “Publish” button to Save Your Changes

Why would I want to change the Date and Time of my Post or Page?

Let’s say for example that you are posting a press article that was written last year. This is a simple way to have the Actual Date and Time of the original article as a part of your Post.

An even more innovative use is to set up a Publish Schedule. If the Date and Time that you enter here is at some time in the future (1 hour, 10 days, it doesn’t matter), WordPress will hold the Page or Post in the database but will not Publish or make it public until the server reaches that Date and Time. For example, you could spend a Sunday writing 4 different blog posts that you don’t want to be posted on your blog until at least the next day. By setting each of their Dates and Times by hand, you could Schedule them to show up as One Post Every Monday for the next 4 weeks or Two Posts in one hour and Two Posts a week later. The options for your Publish Schedule are infinite. This is an extremely underused but powerful tool just waiting for you to take advantage of and keep your blog looking current!

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