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Phishing? It’s not as relaxing as it used to be, Grandpa

First off, this may be a term you know and it may not, so let’s start there…

What is phishing?

The answer is fairly simple, Phishing is the most common and most destructive attempt to steal your personal information online. The 2 most common ways of phishing are through malicious web sites and email. Ah yes… that lovely spam monster will never go away unfortunately. But that’s another discussion.

Luckily with most companies updating browsers fairly regularly for security purposes, adding malicious websites to their blacklists to protect users like you and I, the website aspect of Phishing has become a far more difficult process for hackers. However, it still traps those not willing to listen to their browser’s advice or use web surfing alternates that just don’t have the same protections as big name companies.

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