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Add an Image / Featured Image to a Post or Page

WordPress ( General Use ) - These Tutorials can be used for any WordPress installation

Step #1

Create or Edit a Post or Page (see tutorials)

Step #2

At the top of page beneath the Title area, click on the “Upload/Insert” button that looks like a camera

A pop up will come up that allows you to access the Media on your site. The default tab you will see is called “From Computer”. If you are Uploading an image from your computer then you are right where you want to be!

Step #3

Click on the button “Select Files” and a File upload box will appear.

Step #4

Select the file from Your Computer and press the “Open” button. This will upload the image to your Website.

By scrolling down the popup now, you can see that there is additional information on the Image you Uploaded that you can now modify and utilize.

If you are adding a “Featured Image” to your Post, please continue on to Step #10

The following steps are optional, but they are RECOMMENDED by GPro Design for MOST users. For specifics on your installation please contact us directly:

Step #5

Enter a “Title” for the image and COPY that same information into the “Alternate Text”. This is very important for maintaining high quality SEO on your site.

Step #6

Just below the “Link URL”, you will see a set of buttons. Click the “NONE” button which will clear out the link area above.

Step #7

Choose Your Image Alignment. “none” will make the picture just sit wherever you have your cursor and interrupt the flow. “left” and “right” will justify the image accordingly and wrap the text around it (this is true with most GPro Design installations but is not a default from WordPress).

Step #8

Choose the Size. There are many ways to alter the size of an image in your Post or Page, but this is the first step you should take in getting the image at least close to what you want on the web page.

Step #9

In order to place the image into your Page or Post, you must now click the button “Insert into Post”.

~ Featured Image ~ This attaches a thumbnail to your Page or Post, which can be very important if you have no images within the body of the content

Step #10

Scroll down to the bottom of the popup and click on the link “Use as featured image”.

You should see the image appear at the bottom right of your blog edit screen. No need to do anything else as the information has already been saved and published!

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